new York hater

There are plenty of reasons to despise this filth ridden city. What bothers you most?

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  Anonymous wrote:

Too crowded, noisy, dirty, overworked, hypercompetitive, overwhelming. Weather jumps between too hot and too cold. Train stations look like poop and too many train issues during rush hours. City for rich kids of all sorts (from artists to foreigners to bankers and lawyers). A lot of women trying to live out Sex and the City/Girls/Friends and think their lives are special because they live in NY. Incredibly diverse city where you'll barely get to experience that since everyone self segregates by profession, wealth, ethnicity, and where they live (and foreigners by the country they're from). The real ethnic enclaves are more out in the boroughs and you likely won't experience them much, they likely don't want you around anyway unless you're from the same ethnic group. Bars everywhere and people drink too much likely due to the stress of living. If you're not into R&B, alt-R&B, hip hop, trap, and top 40 pop music you're going to have a hard time since it's played everywhere and everyone pretends to love it. Seems like every guy who isn't gay buys way too into the alpha male, PUA garbage, trying to look more macho, louder, and dominate than each other and try especially hard to woo over any girl that's obviously with another guy or at least spoil their date. Very hard to make close friends or form relationships since everyone is just worried about themselves, looking better than others, and getting ahead.

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